Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm experimenting with a different palette and an approach. I had been using a cool and warm version of each primary color plus titanium white. These two 8 x 10 sketches are done with 5 colors: yellow ochre pale, cadmium red medium, burnt sienna, mars violet deep, and indigo, plus white. So I get new color combinations and a new look to the paintings. Also I want to see how much detail I can take out--how much I can simplify. I still see too much, and try to put in too much detail--I still try to paint too literally. But making a painting is a different thing. It's almost like the reality is just a departure point. I enjoyed using the five muted colors--usually my paintings are more colorful. But once in a while I want a change. The cadmium red medium wasn't supposed to be in this palette initially, but for that big red sofa I had to have it!

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