Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fells Point

Went to Fells Point this morning with Haiou.

Morning boats, 11 x 14.

The light changed so much in an hour. I was in the shade when I started, but in an hour the sun has moved and I was exposed. Time to stop. The morning sky over the water is really nice though--there is this pretty, almost peachy color near the horizon.

Fells Point rowhouses, 9 x 12. Very busy scene.

Also--night scene!

Full moon, 12 x 9

Went to Canton last night--first time to try to paint a night scene. The biggest difficulty is technical: how to light up the palette, canvas and the gamsol jar so I know what colors I'm mixing, what colors I'm putting on the canvas and how much gamsol I'm dipping into, and at the same time being able to see the scene. I have a headlamp--thought it would solve all the problems, but alas, when I put it on, the lamp was so bright--I could see the canvas and the palette alright, but when I looked up at the scene, my eyes did not have time to adjust, and everything turned so dark. Without the headlamp, I could see the scene, which was so calm and peaceful under the moonlight, but then I couldn't see the canvas and palette. I finally put the small headlamp in the right-hand corner of my palette, and managed to paint. Evening scenes are so different! It's like what I had learned from painting plein air in the day almost don't apply.

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