Friday, May 9, 2014

Orchid and apples

Oil on panel, 16 x 12
I had the idea for this set-up for a long time and finally did it yesterday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Studies and master copies

I attended a William Schneider workshop back in March, and was really inspired to paint more portraits and figures.

12 x 9 from photo reference

12 x 9 from a photo of the model in workshop

12 x 9 copy from Everett Kinstler

8 x 10 copy from Quang Ho

8 x 10 Copy from Nancy Chaboun

8 X 10 still life study. It's from my own set-up, but, can you believe it, it's painted from an old photo.

I used all my free time to paint, even when I had only an hour or two to spare. Had to rely on using photo references and doing master copies for lack of time. I was really getting into the groove but then quickly got sidetracked by having to sell the old house, planning an upcoming trip to China in June, and arranging/attending Tyler's numerous playdates and his friends' birthday parties...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Three paintings

Yellow mum
16 x 12
Oil on canvas

Still life study
11 x 14
Oil on linen panel

12 x 9
Oil on linen panel

I did this with painter friend Abigail. We collaborated on the set-up. I really like the white statue she brought.