Saturday, June 12, 2010

Figure study

One figure study from Robert Liberace's class. This one turned out better. He liked the face the best, and said the handling on the body is a little heavy.

This is very different from how I usually paint. He places more emphasis on drawing, values, and anatomy. Otherwise I will go crazy with colors! But in order to learn one has to forgo her usual way--at least for a while! Plus it's always good to try different approaches.

I enjoyed painting figure after a long period of painting landscapes and still-lifes. I would like to do more.


  1. Wow, You did a great job, the colors are wonderful! Thank you for all the gallery postings, they are so inspiring! congrats on your work!

  2. This is really well done! I love the brushwork surrounding the figure.

  3. Thanks Janice and Linda! I really appreciate your comments!