Friday, March 4, 2016

Still life setup 2

This is another still life setup I did.

I found the table, the vase and the painting from second-hand furniture stores. I love the old feel and character these old things have. When you paint still-lifes it's important to have some unique objects for you to play with. I look for different heights, shapes, and harmonious or contrasting colors. 

I put the painting of the cat in there for more interest--not sure if it's the right move, but I liked how these things looked together.

Here is the painting. 

The block-in stage.

The finished painting.

I think it looks okay. The background may be a little dark. At first I didn't paint the cat so distinctly and my husband didn't know what it was. So I made it more recognizable.

Sometimes your viewers don't get the idea you want to get across. Then you have to fine-tune it.

This painting looks more somber. Maybe it's the cool lilac colors against the heavy brownish background. It's not as cheerful as the pink roses painting. Maybe I just like a cheerful painting better. Or maybe it's the straight lines of the vase versus the straight lines of the picture frame. It's all a learning process. 

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