Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scott Christensen Copies

I do copies to try to figure out how master artist does it. I really like how Christensen paints landscape. He paints simply, and his colors are exquisite and so much in harmony. He has a way to organize the information nature provides and make it into an appealing painting. I'm sure what he saw in nature is just like what we saw, full of clutter and unwanted things. He had to edit and redesign to make a painting. Even when the scene before you displays all the nature's beauty.

He said in his book that it's better if you made the slightest value change and still make the thing readable. It confused me for a long time, but when I did the copies, I came to understand that he meant the slightest value change within a value, or just a touch of temperature shift--the eye will read it as light or plane change, but the whole thing stays within your original value plan. It's not easy to do.

I did not use his three colors plus white palette. I used my usual 12 color palette.

The copies are not too bad--but the thing is to know what to do when I go out there and confront nature myself!


  1. Maggie,
    This is very interesting and the copies are stunning. I have wanted to copy other artists but didn't exactly know what to do. You have made perfect sense. You are one of my favorite artists and I just love your work. Your blog is interesting and chuck full of knowlege. Thanks

  2. Thank you Linda, you are always so encouraging! Thanks for your nice words. Now I have to keep it up...:) Also I think the purpose of copying is not making a perfect copy, but figuring out things out for yourself.

  3. These are brilliant. I found your blog by searing "Scott Christensen" on googling and linking to your paintings.

  4. I like your "copies." They're loose, beautiful. Stay loose!