Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 paintings today

Bermuda sky, 9 x 12

Desert Cafe, 9 x 12

Both are painted from photos. Painting from photos is not necessarily an evil--but we do have to have plenty of plein air painting experiences to back it up. I took these photos myself and I can remember how it was there then...Sometimes a painting from photo references doesn't turn out well, but it's okay. It's just that being able to paint from photos--and make it not look like a photo--tremendously expands your ability as a painter. You know, sometimes it's not always feasible to paint outside from the real thing. Granted, inside the studio, you don't have that urgency, that adrenaline high you experience when you're painting outside, but you gain more ease and more time--which could work for or against you. So--it's almost better if you paint fast!

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